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“We’re moving in the right direction.”

I’ve said that phrase way too many times recently.

Like many Brits, when I bump into someone on my morning walk the first thing we talk about is the weather.

To begin, it’s the actual weather on the day. Is it nice? Is it a shame it’s raining? Oh, you prefer it when it’s cold and bright rather than wet? Me too!

Then we inevitably move onto how short the days are, but how it is starting to stay lighter in the evenings.

This concludes with me saying how I’m getting fed up of the short days, but that we are moving in the right direction.

Now there is something to this comment.

It’s an important mindset shift from outcome to process.

It also shows the problem with solely focusing on goals.

When all you think about is the outcome you want, you’re constantly reminded of the fact that you’re not there yet.

And if you attach your happiness to that outcome, the whole ‘I’ll be happy when’ mentality, then you mess with your ability to be happy now.

Happiness becomes something that awaits you in the future at an uncertain date, when really it’s something you can have now.

In 37 days the sun will rise at 6:30 am. This is a given because it’s predictable.

Most changes you make in life aren’t.

You know it will take time, but not how much.

I prefer early morning walks and can’t wait for the sun to rise earlier.

But if I focus on how it’s over a month until I can get out first thing, it can be frustrating, not least because it’s out of my control.

But what about the fact that tomorrow the sun will rise 25 minutes earlier than it did at the start of the month?

That’s a sign of progress.
That we are moving in the right direction.
And when I focus on this instead of the desired result, it’s not so bad.

This isn’t about sunrises, it’s about what you choose to focus on.

So many people quit their goals because their goals so feel far away and they feel hopeless or impatient.

It’s this need for immediate gratification that lets them down.

Instead, you need to focus on the direction you’re heading, not the speed, or where you are on your journey.

Because as long as you keep moving forward you will get there.

If you wake up every day and stick to the plan, you can count that as a win.

As a deposit in the progress bank.

As a step in the right direction.

Goals give you something to aim at, habits and systems are what get you there.

When you reduce what you focus on down to the day in front of you, it feels more manageable.

And if you keep doing this, you’ll get to where you want to go without even thinking or stressing about how long it takes.

Because it may take a while, but that time is going to pass anyway, so it’s more about what you do with it that matters.

You may not be where you want to be yet, but you can make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading this today, I appreciate it.



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