Spider Plants & Letting Go

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I’d like to start this post with a question…

What are you holding onto that would be better if you let go?

That’s a big question, so let’s unravel it slowly by talking about Spider Plants.

When I first moved into my house I was given a spider plant.

Since then it’s turned into seven.

And for the last few months they’ve been bugging me.

I’ve been trying to work out where I want to put them all while maintaining the simple and minimal look I like to have in my house.

And I couldn’t.

Until yesterday.

For whatever reason I grabbed a bin bag, took 5 of my plants and binned them.

I took the empty pots, and remaining two plants, and turned them into a little plant feature. It’s not going to win the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, but I like it.

What’s more, I still have some plants, the feel and look I like in my house, and no more spider plant related stress.

The problem was that I was holding on to the plants and trying to find a place for them in my life when there no longer was one.

The solution wasn’t in trying to make them fit, it was to let them go.

Now, you might not have seven spider plants to worry about but you will have stories, beliefs, habits and routines that are causing you the same problem.

We hold onto these beyond their usefulness simply because we’ve never questioned whether they’re still useful.

And if they’re no longer useful, then they have to go.

Because not only can they no longer help us, but they can hurt us.

So how do you recognise them?

The easiest way is that they make you feel more stressed than happy. Or you feel forced to maintain them just because it’s what you’ve always done.

I can’t tell you what these things are but your intuition is a good tool.

You may feel them rather than know.

Life is change and you’re always evolving.

What worked in the past may not work for now.

Who you once were may not be who you are now.

It’s OK to let go of these things. It’s part of growth.

In fact part of moving forward is letting go of what’s holding you back.

So I’ll leave you with the question that I asked at the start of this post and I hope that you spend some time thinking about it.

What are you holding onto that would be better if you let it go?

Thanks for reading this today I appreciate it.



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